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Night falls over Alamos ... it's dinner time.

Alamos is one of the greatest little towns, however, there are some prices driven by the 50+ years of the American and Canadian demand that really leave me cold. Casa de Los Tesoros, the hotel we stayed, was fairly reasonable and still first class. Hacienda De Los Santos, well, is reasonable for the crowd that fly there on their own plane and have their own pilots too!

Alamos once was one of the wealthiest mining centers in Mexico. It's location is remote and very little farming to be had around. In the summers it gets well over 100F, and winter the temperatures are mild in comparison. Also, it is one of the few cities that one can ride to across the canyon from Batopilas. Great destination if you are doing that.

As the story goes, once day a couple decades ago, my boss Skip was taking a tour (never attempted before) from Ciudad Chihuahua to Alamos via Batopilas, then to the Sea of Cortez and then Baja.

He remembers that it was already sundown when he arrived to Alamos, exhausted, glad that they have not gotten lost, and covered with a thick coat of white dust.

He had reservations in Casa de Los Tesoros; but mind you that this is the 80's ... ok?

So he arrives, removes googles and helmet, and knocks on the door. The lady who was in charge back then opened the door and she was presented with such characters. She must have been an incredible business woman since all she said was: "Senior Mascorro? ... Your rooms are ready!"
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