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Originally Posted by NBeener
Presumably, that's their reduction in draw vs. the halogens, but ... that dimming at idle on the halogens, in theory, was also shortening their lifespan (I wonder if there was a connection between voltage drop at idle and the H7 bulbs you folks have gone through).

The filament has to burn at a certain heat before the halogen gas forces the suspended particulate matter back ON to the filament, increasing its lifespan. If that cycle breaks (voltage drops), the lifespan shortens.
Very interesting theroy. I think you are on to something there. My 05 R1200GS would burn out a bulb about every 7 thousand miles. If your theroy is correct the 07's would be more resistant to this because the light will not dim as much at idle without the power brakes. I switched my 07 to HID at about 2000 miles so I'm not one to ask. I would say to do a poll but they never work out to be very accurate because some from Orange Crush always come over and vote for failures.
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We pay Motorrad to design weight off the bike then pay TouraTech to bolt it right back on.
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