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Originally Posted by tricepilot
There is no good or bad bike to take to Mexico, just one that suits you best and one that has had reasonable maintenance done to it......

.....Now, I like all types of bikes, and I am more of the "its not what you ride but that you ride" type of person.

That said, no matter what you ride to Mexico, I would really, really make sure you have done all you can possible do to get it ready for longs days in hot weather and also for altitude. If you take care of the rubber and the battery, and have everything else checked out, then you'll probably be fine.

And have a plan on what you'd do if you broke down in the middle of nowhere.

Excellent point Bob. The best bike to take to Mexico is the one you have. Prep it right; new tires, good battery, etc. and hit the road. Very seldom do the stars align to where everything is perfect. If you sit around and wait for that you may never go. Just get off your butt and go!! It will all work out.

I have never really had a plan in case something broke. Just figured I would pay somebody with a truck to get it back to the border and then rent a u-haul or something to get it back to NC.

On the other hand, it is after all just a KLR. Not the end of the world if it never comes home.

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