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6 weeks 17 750 kilometers Traveling Around Australia

Hi All..

Thought I`d share my travels around Australia for any and all that are interested.. I`ve taken a quite a few pictures so I think it might be a big one..

I guess the trip all started about 2 years ago when my wife and I watched every episode of "Long Way Round" together on pay TV.. Me because I could really relate to spending so much time on a bike on an adventure and her moreso because she loves Ewen.. We both really loved the series and it then lead to some very interesting conversations..

We got to talking about the possibilities of allowing me to do a trip of my own but knew that a trip around the World wouldn`t happen but travelling around Australia could.. When she wasn`t totally against the idea from the start it became apparent that the trip might actually happen.. A couple of days later the topic came up again and she asked how long I thought i`d need to cover the distance.. I thought I might be pushing it to ask for too much time away so I suggested maybe 3 weeks, always start high and negotiate lower lower if needed..

Spent that day away on the Golf course and when I returned that afternoon she had done a spread sheet of distances and times and asked me if 6 weeks would be OK to do the trip..

I love my wife..

The trip basically followed Highway 1 all the way around Australia in an Anti-clockwise direction although I had planned on doing some dirt roads along the way if time and weather permitted.. The Gibb River Road was a must in the planning stages and some more dirt around the top end if I was keeping up with the schedule.. Having to do the trip in 6 weeks meant that I would have to average around the 520 kilometers per day but also allowed a few rest days..

Had also planned to meet up with the good wife and kids in Darwin and spend 4 or 5 days with them as we hadn`t visited that part of the country before and also meant some time together mid way through the journey..

My Brother in-law Racketeer will also spend the first week traveling with me..

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