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Day #1..

The best part of having 18 months to organise things to do the trip was it gave me heaps of time to plan and buy what was needed to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible..

I can`t for the life of me work out why I was up till all hours that week trying madly to finish my bike before I started to help Racketeer

At 3pm on the Friday 24th of August the trip began..

Such a beautiful day to start the trip.. 18 Deg. C, sunny and not a breath of wind..

Then why the hell was I wobbling all over road as though I was three parts stoned and hung over to boot?? I thought I was going to drop my bike at the very first corner as I thought the new front tyre I had fitted a couple of days earlier was flat.. The handle bars shook alarmingly between 30 - 55 kilometers an Hour and the knuckles where white within the first 3 ks.. SHIT... I stopped and checked but the tyre had correct air pressure and all looked fine as far as bolt tension and alignment.. Maybe the new tyre just needed time to bed in..

Getting away late also meant that we would need to travel into the night to make it to the TTT Rally the following day that we had been talked into days before we departed.. Nothing like having a plan set out 18 Months earlier and then throwing it in the bin the day before we head off..

Because of the late start and the front wheel wobble there weren`t too many pictures taken the first couple of days.. I was in survival mode from day 1 and stopping to smell the roses wasn`t even on my mind..

Here is one of a very exhausted Racketeer at our overnight stop in Cann River..

Racketeer nearly didn`t make the trip as he had bought a new town House in Melbourne and needed it repainted all the way through before his family could move into it while he was away.. What that meant was some rediculous late nights painting for the week leading into the trip.. 3 am was the normal time to start cleaning brushes and rollers and a full week of that had us behind sleep wise before we even departed..

Day 1 travel..

424.3 klms Sat Nav..

Melbourne> Traralgon> Lakes Enterance> Cann River..

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