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Originally Posted by jkam
BMW replaced the first one under warranty with the latest revision at 36,000 miles. Second one was done at 74,000 miles and they wouldn't even help with the cost, it was $1700 to replace with the next revision. I started having the same problems at around 94,000 miles and decided to sell it.
Ah, bugger, what a bad luck :-(

At 80k the tranny of our GS had the same 'sorry waarenty only to 65k, sorry" so had to pay myself the first tim, but since then i had a good 96er tranny, and now with a new (second hand RT engine) the now R3B still runs with now 500k on the clock, in the time the engine was in the operation theater to examin the cost of revision, it had a complete unit of a burned down gs so this tranny will have done about 400k without a hitch.

Even beter than the in between engine, that tranny would ever so often refuse to make te switch from 3rd to 4th under lots of RPM on our twisty Dykes :-(
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