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Day # 15 Rest Day In Darwin..

A morning swim after breakfast with the kids had us on our way to Litchfield National Park where we saw some massive Termite mounds that would make any weather board house nervous..

and then on to a beautiful rockpool with flowing water falls and crystal clear water.. This was a real highlight to all of us as we hadn`t seen anything like this before let alone swim in it..

Amazing at just how clear the water was and with the kids goggles on you could see quite a distance to other swimmers and watch the fish around the rocks..

No amount of coaxing was going to get Brandon into the water though.. he said it was because the water was too cold but we get the feeling it was because our tour guide that showed us through the Crocodile farm the day before told us that all the large males where found in fresh water ponds after the wet season.. Brandon had mentioned it a couple of times before the rock pool so it was still playing on his mind..

He was more than happy trying to catch a fish sitting on the edge so we all still enjoyed ourselves..

Must admit I too wasn`t all that comfortable when I couldn`t see the bottom in the deeper ends..

The walk in to the pool was just as nice as the pool itself..

Amazing what could be found if you looked in the right places hard enough.. Here`s a Rock Wallaby with her young Joey sitting under the shade of a rock ledge in the heat of the day..

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