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Day # 17 And starting to think this isn`t resting...

Rather nice sleep in this morning and at 8 am found us splashing around the pool just for something different..

Today we had a pre booked date with the jumping Crocodiles on the Adelaide River and even before we all left Melbourne we were looking forward to this.. Caught the tour bus out and stopped off at the man made dam called Fogg Dam that was built by a company to feed water to the rice fields in the dry months years ago.. Was great in theory but they didn`t factor in the huge amount of Magpie Geese that live in this area and ate all the rice quicker than they could grow it.. It now lies unused except for the hundred of animal species that now call it home..

The cruise down the Adelaide River to view the jumping Crocodiles was sensational.. Seeing them a few days earlier at the farm was great but seeing them in the wild was something else.. They really one of the best preditors that have ever lived and is just amazing at how far these guys can launch themselves out of the water when food is on offer..

This effort was amazing also because you could clearly see her back legs out of the water so the strength in her tail is incredible..

This was the Daddy of the waterway and the photo doesnt capture the size of him or do him any justice..

All I can tell you is the two chop bones that where his to eat where much bigger than both my hands and his head made them look small..

Definately not a good place for a midnight swim or to learn how to waterski...

Back on dry land and it was time for a more serious photo session..

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