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K&N Filters - maybe 205

Originally Posted by opposedcyljunkie
i just caught this comment on the k&n air filter. my 1-month old pd has, in fact, a k&n filter installed. should i lose it and why?

i'm still on the steep learning curve with my airhead and i noticed that my plugs are on the whitish side than i'd like. no amount of tweaking, cleaning, etc. on the carbs would make them the light coffee-brown color i want. the air filter is well-oiled (I made sure of that when i took delivery of the bike), and I still get this same, lean-burning color on my plugs. is the k&n too open? anyone know and can share any bad experiences in using them?
Jetting considerations aside, our motorpool gets oil analysis on every oil change. Someone once had the bright idea of saving money on air filters by going to the serviceable K&N's, the next cycle of oil analysis showed that silicates (grindy sandy bits) had skyrocketed. They went back to stock filters.
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