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Thumb DR Windshields, Deflectors, Fairings, Bugslappers

Folks, despite all the Global Warmists can do, winter IS descending on the northern hemisphere and some of us are having thoughts of elemental protections for our DR's

Could you guys post your experiences and give thumbs up or thumbs-down on the many choices for DR's. I'll start.

I had the big Parabellum on one of my DR's.
Pluses = duck behind it and nothing short of a anti-tank round will get you.
Secondly I really like their mounting system. So much that I had a guy fab some parts similar so I can mount a variety of things, like the Vstrom windshield...

Minuses = Its a lot to carry... heavy material, thick..
Also, for me, with head above the windshield clear visibility I had a lot of buffeting... head-banger. not good.

Next Up had a Memphis Spitfire. It was better, but not by a lot. Probably if I had worked with it more, trying angles etc I would have gotten happy. Not a bad choice:

++ = Not too big, not too heavy, mounts ok, but big enough to duck behind if in a hailstorm.

- - = Lotta buffeting for me... the bottom of the shield doesn't really fit the DR shroud... could use some modifying for a better fit. Bar mounting clutters your bars

Third: V-Strom stock windshield inverted.
++ = Using parabellum-type barclamp mount, I could get it stable with just the single-struts [one each left/right]. Reasonably smooth air at low speed. Big enough to duck behind if you really hunker down.

- - = At highway speed too buffety. shake/rattle/roll.

So I'm still searching...
I've heard rumours that the National Deflector works ok... looks to be about like the Spitfire....

Please post, for everyone's sake.
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