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see the DR650 thread

I'm not sure who it was but, one of the guys on the DR650 thread had mounted a KLR's windshield to his DR650. IT LOOKED BITCHIN! You'd have to find out who it was and ask him how it worked.

I never mounted a shield on my 97 DR because I did lots of off Rd. with it and didn't want something else to break on get-offs...............and I learned to like bugs in my teeth.
My 91 model had a cool mini fairing from the factory that I had a lockhart-phillips extra tall (a whopping 2 inches higher) screen on.
Suzuki parts still show the plastic fairing to be available for the 91, just not the lexan portion of the screen.
F.W.I.W. I usually wore a full face street helmet for longer rides and on any bike I've owned, looked to keep the wind blast off my chest but, my head in the air flow. I always felt the helmets venting system did it's job better that way.
Good luck!
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