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Anatomy of a Trip Pt.5.

Just a quick post tonight because my DVD of the show has come and I'm taking the evening to watch it. I'm excited, but not expecting to be very impressed, from all the exagerrated stories I've heard. It'll be fun, though, I'm sure. When I ordered I was given a free DVD on the making of ice roads. It's only 50 minutes long but there is some good stuff in it (as well as some outright lies by someone who should know better)! But a friend is interviewed, and I saw a rig that my buddy Reg used to drive.

Having crested Charlieís, there isnít much to get excited about until you reach Drybones Hill, which is shorter but steeper, and weíre going downhill while weíre heading north. There isnít actually that much too it Ė lock up yer diffs again, pick the right gear, and use the retarder rather than the brakes. If you have to use any brakes you can use the trailer brakes, but then if you lock the trailer wheels up youíll make a nice slick spot and as more people do it, the hill will just become slicker and slicker. The chap behind you wonít be happy if you leave him skid marks all the way down the hill. Drybones is usually well sanded, though, and Iíve not heard of anyone having a problem there.

There are a couple of longer portages along this stretch of the road and some of them are nice windy drives through the woods. Trees are pretty small here because youíre not far from the tree line. Once you get to portage 38 or 39 itís pretty much a straight line to Lockhart Camp, which is on #43. No hills, no corners to speak off, and you start to feel good because you know youíre only 45 mins or so from food and rest! Itíll have taken 7 or 8 hours to get from The Meadows to Lockhart, so youíre ready for a change of scenery for a while anyway.


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