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It's a short cut, really
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Here's a mount photo. I took this back in '05 after the first installation. It shows the mount idea best.

No cutting or trimming or drilling of the BMW screen is requied. The stock BMW screen mount holes are used.

You need 2 long 6mm screws and one short one (for the bottom mount). 9 6mm nuts (nyloc work best) and 12 rubber backed "fender washers".

The mounting screws do not contact the DRZ shroud at a 90 deg angle so have someone help you mark the holes by holding the shield at the angle you prefer. Mark the holes the try to drill them at the angle at which the screw will contact the DRZ shroud. The fender washers do a good job at accomodating the angle changes.

Insert one fender washer onto the long screw, put the screw through the shield and then put another fender washer on the backside of the shield. Screw one 6mm nut all the way up to lightly squeeze the two washers together on the screen. Put another nut on the bottom of the screw and add one more washer. Put the screw through the hole in the DRZ shroud. Put another washer on the back side of the shroud and add the last nut.

By adjusting the bottom nuts you can change the angle of the shield. How much depends on the length of the 6mm screw you use.

Repeat on the other side top mount.

For the bottom mount, I reveresed the process. The bottom mount is not accessible without removing the DRZ headlight shroud. The top two mounts are.

For the bottom mount, put the screw in from the inside. Back it up with washers like the top mounts and screw on the nut. You should have a short bit of screw now sticking up from the bottom of the DRZ shroud.

Put the BMW shield on top of this and add the nut. This method allows easy removal of the shield if it bothers you while riding technical stuff. The top two nuts are accessible from inside the DRZ headlight shroud, the bottom nut is accessible from the top of the shield. The only thing you have left is a small bit of 6mm screw sticking out of the DRZ shroud just above the headlight.

After everything is loosly bolted up proceed to thighten up all the nuts. You don't want anything too tight to begin with so you can move the mounts around some to accomodate the angle changes in the screws.

You can usually stow the shield inside any medium sized backpack.

Unless I'm mistaken the DR600 headlight shroud is identical to the DRZ400 shroud so this shield and method should work.

I've used this for over 2 years now and here's what I've found.

..The shield will flex a bit at speed....not vibrate back and forth or anything wierd or scary. It will just push the headlight shroud back a bit. I've had it to the low side of 90mph with no problems.

..It's been on my bike for over 2 years and nothing has cracked or broken

..I don't bother to remove it when riding technical stuff any more. I've endoed the bike two or three times in sand with the shield on and have not injured myself (because of the shield) on any of those falls. The curved upper lip seems to help with this.

..It does a good job of taking the wind pressure off your chest and upper arms. I'm 6'1" and the wind hits me at the bottom of my helmet and about half way down my biceps

..It looks good (IMHO) but I still want to build a Dakar style frame mount fairing for the bike
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