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Bluhduh Not a good day

I should have started the day with panettone, cappuccino and a green map of Toscana. But some other member of my (extended) family seems to have had panettone for dinner. In addition, I feel oblidged to assist a PhD student of mine in his struggles. Now, Tuscan bread with fig-jam (from my own fig tree - only 600 grams of sugar per kilo of fruit!) isn't bad either. But rather than looking at a map I had to read a whole chapter discussing an obscure security-protocol programming-language. If a domain specific security-porotocol programming-language is your cup of tea, send me a PM and I'll send you a dissertation to enjoy.
Anyway: The net effect og all this was that I couldn't ride off early in the morning as planned.

Then my daugther came and complained that something I have made (computer related) didn't work. In the end it turned out that it did work, but not quite as she had expected. But then, finally, I was ready.

The original plan called for a 100 km dash up to Aulla, over Passe di Cerreto (same as Saturday but now during the day so that I can check out the bars and trattorias up there), and back over Passo de Pradarena (the Romans used this pass and there is a Roman road on the North side - I like such things). But, alas, it is now almost time for lunch, and I better find some other desination closer to home.

I decide that this must be a perfect day to visit the hills overlooking Lucca. It is possible, I know, to pass over the hills and down to Bagni di Lucca. Might get some nice photos of Lucca and the forests now in the bleak winter sun.

In another thread the tough guys on the block are having fun with the fuel gauge on the GS. Mine works just fine. And as I apporach Lucca the last bar dissapear and the yellow light comes on. I know I can trust that thing: I can now ride between 60 and 80 mk, depending on riding conditions. But, this is Italy.

This week there is a strike, and there is no petrol to be found. I haven't paid attention, so I didn't know.

When I realize, because I can trust the instruments on the bike, I turn around and head for home. I know there won't be much fuel left when I get home, but I wil get home. And I do.

So, the only picture I managed to take during my short trip was this one. It has been taken just above San Giuliano Terme, towards South. The big buildings you see are, from the left: Torre Pendente (Leaning Tower), Duomo (Cathedral), and the Battistero (Baptistry). Would have been even nicer somewhat later with the sun lower, but what were I to do there by the road while waiting (as I can't enjoy sigarillos any more)?

Tomorrow is full of other engagements, but I hope to climb some mountains on Thurday.

Have a nice day - ride carefully - ATGATT!

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