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Originally Posted by CrackerJim
I sold my 1200gs after about a year. It was good on the road but just too heavy in the dirt. Also, didn't like those shin bangers hanging out there.
I don't know what kind of slippery footwear you must be wearing, Jim, but I put more than 72,000 miles on my old R1100GS and never once banged my shins on those jugs. If anything, it was a comfort to know that if I aimed wrong those big hunks of metal would hit any protruding obstruction before my shins did. Plus, they kept my feet nice and toasty during cold-weather riding. Not so fond of them in the summer, though.

But the old 1100 has moved on, and long live the new 800 (grey, ABS) I'll be getting. #4 at my local dealer.


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