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Originally Posted by BooneDog
Yea, it's on my list of things to get, just need to do a little research into what I should actually buy based on the things I'd probably use it for. Been saying that for a year though. Stuff like you just did, small fabrications, repairing small trailer, making horseshoe hook things(we have horses), just playing around with things like that.
Unless you're doing body work (welding sheet metal) I'd get a 220 volt 175 amp (or there abouts) mig, cost a little more, but never lacking for heavier welding. I've had mine for 11 years & fabricated & built many things, including building my jeep & a few trailers. I've also done sheet metal, but its a long tedious thing to not burn through cheap sheet metal.

P.S. nice work with the Buell setup, I've done the same.
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