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Originally Posted by Urbaneccessity602
The Versys is not a racing bike, the stock version rather, it is geared for a slower pull where the RPM range is not acheived until 5th or 6th gear. Where on the Nija I would guess that in every gear you can use the full RPM range. The Versys is a quick shifting bike where most of the shifts are done under the 4k rpm mark, after 4k you are in 5th or 6th gear with full range of the rpm dial.

My Versys doesn't seem to have any issues using the full rpm range in every gear, so my guess is that you meant that it's an engine that can be short shifted and still produce nice power in the lower rpm range. That's a very nice feature that lends itself to very relaxed riding when you want it. It doesn't mean it can't take advantage of the top end in the lower gears too when you want to.

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