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For you old locals, 1989

Were any of you living here in 1989?

I will never forget that year.

In April, I bought a new GMC pickup. The first new truck I ever owned. I still ahve it and it has over 320,000 miles on it.

That September, we were hit by hurricane Hugo.

On this day in 1989, Wilmington broke its low temperature record.

It was -3 F here.

It was a mess. Pipes were broken all over town. People who had old cottages were hit very hard. Those cottages were built in the 30s and 40s and had NO insulation. The poeple were summer residents; so when the pipes thawed, water flooded their houses.

I made the trip down from Columbia, SC, and spent three days with a water tool, turning off water to every house I could.

I left notes on the houses letting people know who I was and why I had turned their water off. I still bump into some of those old guys and they still thank me.
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