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Originally Posted by Nata Harli
....Maybe LR can clarify what his objections are.......
Sure, be happy to. Thanks for asking...

This new Trip Planning Forum, as previously discussed and planned back in the summer, was to include travel information such as Places to Stay. The information would come from the inmates here. The information was/is to be organized/cataloged/indexed/whatever so that it was/is user friendly and not to be lost inside the bowels of an endless thread.

During these past summer discussions, I brought up the fact of your having started this very thread.

With my blurry eyes, I can't see how putting the initially stickied Places to Stay thread with agreed formatting of information into this thread (lottsa threads, huh) brings us any closer to the agreed upon goal. Possibly eye drops...or an explaination would help clear my vision.

The car is parked on the street and we all agreed that it should be in the driveway. Then this car is moved to the other side of the street.
And we're suppose to think that this imakes sense?
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