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Originally Posted by tvrla
I can totally relate! I've got bikes like that - one's a 90S a friend brought home in boxes and took two years rebuilding. I got it 7 years ago just before he died. He had painted it a nice blue (not knowing much about 90Ss) and I have a hard time deciding whether to leave it or repaint it Daytona Orange.

Yours is a beautiful bike, and if it was running well with low miles, I'd just lube the splines and put it back together. These bikes are easy enough to work on, so don't fix it if it aint broke! It's easy enough to paint the frame with engine and trans in so just leave it together. The more stuff you take off, the longer runway you'll make for yourself and it'll be next winter or the summer after before you can enjoy it again.
Is it actually easy to paint the frame with the engine in it? That seems counterintuitive.
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