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I'm working on it...
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Originally Posted by kbasa
Yeah, once you get all the intake, exhaust and footpeg stuff out of the way, it's pretty easy to mask the motor off with kraft paper and tape. I really only need to get the lower portion of the frame, especially back on the left side where an acid spill uglied up the little sideplate.
+1. Repair the damage and address the stuff that bothers you. Direct your energy towards getting the machine road worthy. It's so easy to see every flaw, and before you know it the entire machine is in pieces. You'll be back for more work later... you know you will!

I do agree on the spline lube. That's maintenance, and this is the perfect time for it.

A machine can only be original once, and I like the patina of wear and use. After nearly totalling my R100RS, I only replaced what was broken. I kept worn but undamaged parts, and even kept a few marks to remind me of what we've been through.

Good on ya!

Ride it.
If it breaks, Repair it.
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