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Panama City Contact Info

I posted this on the HUBB earlier this year. I like the format you guys came up with, but, this will have to do as I am running around like a moron trying to be ready to fly out to meet a boat for some chef work.

I will also post this info in Biker friendly hostels and bike shops around the world.

Antonio Cabazas' bike shop. Is located in the financial district in Panama City. I have met a ton of mechanics on this trip of mine through South America. This guy is a superstar for sure. He is soft spoken, speaks English and could turn your bike into a dodge viper if you asked him to. He has a 20 year old son Antonio Jr who is studying to be a mechanical engineer. He also speaks English and can help you find parts throughout the city. Great kid. Both of these guys can talk about cars and bikes for days. Sr. is bordering on genius in my opinion.

Antonio was also the president of the APM (Association of Panamanian Motorcyclists) he took a step down because his lovely wife has breast cancer. If you get a chance to go to a meeting with him you will meet all kinds of amazing people. With these contacts you can find and or do anything in PC. All that I ask is that you be extremely respectful of these people. They were very kind to me.

Contact Info:
N8 59.557 W79 31.292
email for Antonio
I have a track from my GPS but I'm not sure how to upload.
I have Antonio Jr's phone number as well. PM me if you need it.

Casa De Carmen is a great hostel five doors down from Antiono's shop. This hostel has all the amenities for overlanders. In PC there is also Mama Llena Hostel and Voyager Hostel. Both are dumps to be avoided, however, both have comprehensive bulletin boards regarding boat travel to and from Panama and Colombia. It's a long walk or a short cab ride from Casa De Carmen to either of the above hostels, don't bother staying in either one just for boat info. In my opinion the only boat worth taking is here. Contact This website no longer has Ludwig's (Captain) cell phone number in Panama or Colombia, sorry guys, I don't have it. Berlin is not helpful but they can tell you what country the boat is in at least. For the boats, timing and luck are everything.

Contact Info:
Casa De Carmen
N8 59.603 W79 31.258
Telephone: +507 263 4366

BMW Dealer in Panama. Luis the Chief mechanic is an awesome guy. The three times I was there he never charged me for labor. Don't count on it but he might do the same for you. After reading the moto guest book it looks like that is his MO. Plan on paying to be safe though. Please do not expect not to pay for labor and cause a scene or mention my name. Antonio is a far more accomplished mechanic. Unless you have a warranty I would take your bike to Antonio, he charges very little.

If you need help with English at the BMW dealer ask for Armando in car sales. All these guys love travelers and will be happy to help.

Contact Info:
BMW Panama City - Bavarian Motors
Address: Edificio BMW Calle 50 y 65
N8 59.385 W79 30.715
Luis' work phone +507 301 5400
I have Luis' Cell PM me if you need it.

If you get into a bind while anywhere in Panama get in touch with me. I have numbers and names that might get you out of a bad situation. I am happy to help.
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