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Originally Posted by greggski
I think Greg Mcquide was the best writer that Motorcyclist has had. (in my opinion) Wish i would have saved my copys of the mag from that time period. Glad you are getting his bike back on the road. Would like to work on my R75/5? Don't wait to long to get the bike done.Mine has been sitting on my bench for over a year waiting on a new wiring harness....

Thanks. I need to restore my CB750F after this, so I have to get this thing done.

Today's tasks: Send check for new rotors. Continue to try and find an '84 seat.

Tomorrow's tasks: Order tools to remove swingarm and driveshaft.

Friday's task: Parts cleaning.

Saturday's task: Disassemble front end. Order headlight ears. Get powdercoater's information from friend.

And so forth. I think, based on a CB400F I restored, the idea is to do at least one thing every single day to keep the momentum underway. I've held off working on this bike since last January because I wanted to have the cash in hand to make it all happen at once. Financial stalls can be fatal or at least enough to really put a project on hold.

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