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Originally Posted by Jamie Z
I've seen several references here about "jumper cables" to be carried on your bike during a long ride. It's a good idea, I think. I've already been in one situation where jumper cables would have come in handy.

But... what constitutes jumper cables? Surely y'all aren't carrying regular automotive cables. I can imagine a short length of good thick wire would be sufficient (and pack relatively small), but what about the ends? How do you connect it to the batteries?

Does anyone have any pictures or instructions on how to make good, durable, and reliable motorcycle jumper cables? I've done a search, but all I come up with is people saying, "Make sure you bring jumper cables" and no description thereof.

you could use- almost- any size to charge. To start I bet #10 or 12 would work . Don't sit and crank starter long. Aligator clips on ends. I've left darn key on and drained my drz batt. Push start works even with dead batt.
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