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Originally Posted by Boatman
I made up a set from 10ga silicone jacketed wire. There is a pigtail coming directly off the battery and connects with 40 amp Sermos connectors. When I don't need the jumper cables the pigtail powers my auxillary fuse block. All parts came from McMaster Carr. The silicone jacket is good in case you overheat them, it will not melt.

It's a good idea to solder the connection to the clips instead of depending on the cheesy crimp that will promote high resitance in the connection.

I've jumped by buddies R80G/S a number of times from complete dead with no problems.

I have the pigtail from a battery charger connected directly to my battery. The pigtail is maybe 12 inches and the gauge is perhaps 16-18. Do you think the pigtail would handle the load for jumping if I made some 10 gauge cables like yours?
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