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From the LC4 shocks I have seen and been servicing 12,000 seems to be when a stock LC4 shock starts to show some signs of leaking. At 15,000 and up they are pretty shot and starting to leak pretty bad. This life expectancy is shorter if you offroad hard. If you ride hard offroad or in bad conditions like mud and wet sand you can expect to service your shock yearly like a dirtbike. So at 25K if the shock has never been serviced the bike has either only been ridden on the pavement or it is possible that there is no oil left in the shock. I can't wait to see inside BMWKTMBILL's shock after his mongolia trip. He put around 12,000 hard miles on a freshly built shock. It will be interesting to see the seal and bushing wear and oil condition.

Signs of leaking are this.
  • Bottom of the shock seems to attract dirt easy
  • Rebound adjuster skanky
  • Dust cover at the base of the shock tube is black and oily
  • Drops of oil under bike
  • shock clunks on full extension
  • shock is lacking good damping or the adjustments don't seem to work
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