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I'm working on it...
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Originally Posted by kbasa
It's all going to come apart, mostly so I can fix the centerstand so it doesn't collapse and destroy all the paintwork.
Hmmm, that's interesting. I don't know what's up with your centerstand, but the reason I crashed (and destroyed) my R100RS was that the centerstand bolts backed out.
The threads on the centerstand lugs came out with the bolts. The centerstand was dangling under the machine, and when I leaned into the next turn it jammed underneath and lifted the rear wheel off the road.

Crashing in front of your wife - funny (only in retrospect).
Breaking the scaphoid in your left wrist - painful.
Seeing your almost totaled RS now looking better than before - priceless!

Can you say: heli-coil, locktite and safety wire. I knew you could!

...oh, congrats on successfully implementing Project Scope Creep!

Ride it.
If it breaks, Repair it.
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