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Originally Posted by S2W
I just got slapped in TB for using the quote feature in a post. In other words a pic violated the rules and I obviously re-posted it using this feature,

I then asked via PM for a clarification (out of interest and wanting to do the right thing in future) I was basically told "if I had read the rules I'd know the answer. If not read the rules" I've read the rules several times at the start of this thread. The situation above is not really covered. I did what I did innocently! Now another mark against me!

I think this should be clarified in the rules and a specific clause added so another inmate does not fall victim to what I regard as over-zelous and somewhat rude moderation.

It is my view mods should answer all questions to the best of their knowledge no matter what the enquiry. I also believe mods should set an example by staying respectful (in tone and words) at all times.

Look at the rules in JoMomma - it's real clear.
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