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Originally Posted by valvecrusher
Orders of business for the HARDCORE inmates may be presented at this time
here yee, hear yee!

At some point in the warm months of 2008

there WILL be a weekend campout, location/date specifically TBD by the HARDCORE inmates...
The general location/time will be :

BrownMtnOHV / camping area
Summer '08

The time agenda will be determined by the temperatures even in the summer, them parts could just be a might cold at night.

The ideal in mind is for everyone to have a super enjoyable time, with lotsa conversation and camaraderie

plus rides on a Friday...starting in the afternoons..
rides Sat morning and Sat evening..
maybe a short Sunday ride..

Why Brown Mtn OHV?

Campsites are totally free..It's four tent sites to a camp site..about 6 or 8 campsites in neighboring parts of the main road, entering the OHV
Each campsite has two fire pits..

gravel laid down on pits/camp grill...
nearby facilities.. Men/Women

It's close to the Wilson Creek area, Linville Gorge..the AhO area near richlands, the Globe...etc

did i mention the actual campsite is free? zilch zip nada..

And the BrownMtnOHV is less than 3 miles from many of the local riding attractions entryways..then there is the park itself...although it's pretty difficult on a dualsport in spots.

so for Sat and Sun rides...start up the engines and go..without having to wait until you get there.

This is just a start for the HARDCORE inmates...

Any other business?

HARDCORE dinner night?
Yes, yes...
It seems we should get together, sit around a table and lie...I mean eat..
and talk about the code

Any other business?

Honda NX250??
I prefer to ride, and when i do, it's 'un Equi

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