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Originally Posted by tvrla
Get a few different sets of forceps - they're the best for pulling and replacing connections in the headlight shell. Any other way and you run the risk of pulling the connections apart or pulling the wires from the connectors - those suckers really don't want to let go.

As for the center stand - you've got the post '81 bike? The problem with those isn't the frame but the stand - it needs to have material added to the stop area. What tends to happen is as the bike comes up on the stand it crashes against the stop. Every time that happens it flattens it out a bit more till eventually the stand goes so far back both tires are on the ground. The stand is softer metal than the stop on the frame, so it's the one that deforms. It's best to ease the bike onto the stand to prevent this happening. I like leaving the bike in first gear and letting the clutch out as it approaches the stop.

Thanks! Excellent advice!

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