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I don't know if this thread should be the place for ride reports or just planning.

Layla and I barely made our minute out of Rally HQ. We hit the gas stop and then the supermotard warmup to Wilson Creek. As we were heading up Wilson, we came upon another dual sport rider, who turned out to be Valvecrusher. Knybanjo and AppalachianDR were at the WCVC. After the seasonally appropriate greetings and salutations, we decided to aim for stuff that would be out of bounds after Jan 1.

We were off up Craig Creek and then Chestnut Mtn. As soon as we got into wet leaves, AppalachianDR started having some difficulty with his street tires, but he perservered.

Access denied. That red oak isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Whipping the camera out in front of this guy is like waving a red cloth in front of a bull. Bring it!

We didn't try to go down Greentown/Burnthouse even though the gate was open. Maybe next year. We went to the bottom of Beehive, where the forest service contractor is installing a huge culvert to extend the road another 150 yards. AppalachianDR left us with a nice extended wheelie. Sorry I missed it with the camera. Hey, wait a minute. You can't wheelie a DR!

After a quick jaunt up 181, we headed back across Chestnut/Little Chestnut Pass, up Wilson Creek, up Roseboro Rd, and over 451. All the cool erosion humps are gone.

In spite of the fact that you can't wheelie a DR, knybanjo lofts a nice one. I took the photo too early.

More later. I actually have to do some work today.
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