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Ok, I did some better investigating, Bmwktmbill was correct. The crunchy bearing is in the cush hub/sprocket carrier, not the hub, those 2 are OK. As it turns out, the bearing itself (#28) seems to be fine, the crunchiness is in the seal covering (#29) between the bearing and the axle bushing (#26). THere is a lot of dirt between them and it was hampering the free spinning of the bearing.

I had the wrong fiche pulled up above, this is the correct one and is below also.

The axle bushing will not come out easily, I haven't tried heat yet. The seal covering will need to be replaced since I've screwed it up, now. The Bearing is apparently a double ball bearing and it's 79.00 bucks . I may have found a cheaper solution though, via crazybrit here.

I fear that I will hurt the bearing by heat and pounding when I try and get the axle bushing out. I don't like the seal setup since it seems to allow crap to get in between it and the bearing. Any ideas, or am I on the right track?


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