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I too have been reading up on HID conversions, and I am ready to order.

I am currently running some cheapo amber fog lights (so I can be seen) during my 46 mi commute, but they do nothing for illuminating the road. I will likely convert the low beam first and decide later if I want to do the high beam too. I don't want to be blinding and pissing off drivers. According to what I have read the the reflector on the R12GS works well with HID bulbs.

Now I need to decide between the 35W kit or a 50W kit. The 50W kits are claimed to be about 40% brighter than the 35W kits and in most cases twice as much money.

To those of you with first hand expirence, is it worth it to go for the 50W HID kits? Who did you order from? And are you happy with the kit?
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