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Originally Posted by KayaKTM
i assume you are talking for installation as harming the old bearings isn't usually a concern if you are tossing them in the round file (trash).

my vote would be heat the hub (not so hot you can't handle it) and freeze (the colder the better) the bearings for installation. they don't quite drop in but it helps.

good luck!
What I'd like to do is get the bushing out of the bearing so I can replace the dust seal (#29), since I hammered it flat. The whole bearing assy came out of the hub pretty easy and the bushing loosened up and I was able to figure out that it was the seal rubbing, not the bearing itself.

So my goal is to keep the old bearing if heat and pounding won't destroy it, put a new seal in between it and the bushing and reseat the old bearing.


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