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Las Cruces to Chihuahua

Funny how different trips get different music going in your head.
It was Saturday afternoon, traffic was getting heavy near the
border and Christopher Cross popped into my head and wouldn't let
go for the rest of the trip.

Friday couldn't come soon enough. It was the weekend before X-Mas,
and I really needed a vacation. US Airways got us to El Paso without
any delays which was great considering storms were wrecking havoc on
air travel further east. I went to pick up the V-Strom, it started
on the first crank. After almost two months, it started as if I had
just parked it there yesterday.

Spent the day visiting family as well as most of the next morning.
Around noon my wife left in the truck, I was still busy, I was going
to catch up on the road to have a late lunch in Villa Ahumada. As
I was heading for the border, the paisano traffic was heavy, every
body headed to Mexico for the holidays.

As I was getting near the Santa Teresa border crossing traffic suddenly
came to a halt. We were still 3-4 miles away from the actual border. This
isn't good. I meant not good for the wife, I had no problem splitting my
way to the front of the line. On the way I ran into them, still waiting
in line. It seems the Santa Teresa/San Jeronimo crossing has been
"discovered". I have been using this border crossing since it opened
and I can't remember this kind of traffic ever, even on the Saturday
just before X-Mas. The two lane road narrows into a single lane just
as you reach the border, and the lack of signs indicating where to
park and go to get your various permits makes people stop in the
middle of the road, wondering where they need to go, blocking traffic
and causing even more delays.

People were getting out of their cars and walking across the border
to start the permit process. Of course, they then wanted to return
back to their families in the waiting cars, only to run into some
Migra agents that didn't like people walking back and forth across
the border without going through the right side and having their
documents checked before they came back to the US. They had a hard
time stopping the sea of people walking back and forth.

It took them an hour after I had crossed to finally make it across
the border. Man, was I happy I got my permits on the trip in
October... Unfortunately, I didn't have a way to bypass the
traffic going south. All the roads go through Chihuahua and every
body was headed that way. The lines at the Villa Ahumada toll booth
were also 5 km long. Good thing I had the key to the house in
Chihuahua with me. I don't think I'm going to see the truck for a
few hours after I arrive there. It was getting late, and even
after lane splitting my way to the front of all traffic lines, it
was getting dark before I got to Chihuahua. I just couldn't help
myself, it just kept coming back...

It is the night. My body's weak.
I'm on the run. No time to sleep.
I've got to ride.
Ride like the wind to be free again.
And I got such a long way to go.
To make it to the border of Mexico.
So I'll ride like the wind.


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