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Originally Posted by losiu
Hey Rapiti,

Even if replacing the spring doesn't work, the whole part isn't THAT expensive and it's an easy fix if you can get that flywheel off :)

Good luck :)
Hey Losiu! I went looking for the correct Polish beer for this job, but the closest my local store comes is Czech & German.

Next is the actual tool.

Do you have any dimensions for the flywheel puller? I am hoping I can find a standard-ish one to borrow/improvise.

Last night at dinner wheelies came up. My wife saw a fellow riding a wheelie down the freeway, and over a large suspension bridge at 120-130kph.
Everyone seemed to have their own wheelie story, and our friend who is an airline pilot related that one of his First Officer friends held the record for a wheelie from Dallas to Ft. Worth. Not the greatest distance, but amazing given the population density!

Wrong thread, I know, but you are the wheelie maestro! As this is an LC4-related thread, we might even avoid Ted's references to affectionate males.

Given our respective time zones, I hope to hear back on the tool sometime Monday!

Thanks, Losiu!
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