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I finally finished my HID installation, using JVBs invaluable guide. I was very nervous when I first fired her up, dreading a LAMPf error or something else. Fortunately, both lights work great and the output is INCREDIBLE!!!

Using rsimpson's idea, I mounted the ballasts on my crossbar. I spraypainted everything silver to keep it looking clean. I am also going to replace the black corrugated loom with silver that I will order online. I am happy with how it looks

the difference in light is simply superb. I put my camera in manual mode and shot this photo at an aperture of 3.2 and a shutter speed of 1 second (400 iso). This is the original lighting:

and here is the lighting with a full HID conversion. I used the exact same camera settings and took the photo at the same time of night, so there is no exposure trickery here. Note: the fogs are on as well, but they are aimed very low and don't really affect the forward area.

All in all, the $90 for an HID conversion is probably the best bang for your buck that you can find for the GS.
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