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Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
I currently have a Scotts damper on my 02 LC4E using the over bar mount and weld on tower.

Is it possible to get or use an under bar mount that will utilize the current welded on tower?

I need some bar risers bad but don't want to give up my damper, and I don't know anyone that can weld... Yes, I tried some taller bars (Pro Taper ATV highs) but it doesn't do very much.

Any thoughts and opinions welcome. You can even call me names if you want to!

i want so bad to call you names, but this is probably not a good idea when i try to extol the virtues of my under bar damper mounts.

to answer questions...

yes it is possible to take your existing damper and mount it under bar with your existing tower. here's how my mount works... a picture is worth a thousand words.

this bike had an above bar mount. i removed it. installed my mount. flipped the damper around. flipped the lever arm on damper 180 degrees. chopped 31.5mm off the existing tower (measure twice, cut once ;wink ) ... andeverything works out well. have done this for a couple dozen customers.

the resulting rise in bar height is 31.5... and you dont blast yourself in the nuts with your damper if you make a boo boo.

pop me a pm if you've got any questions. don't want to get this kicked into the vendor forum.
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