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Originally Posted by harderkev
You can save $20 on the exact same item if you shop VVME's Ebay store (Ebay seller: flashplus) $36 + $35 shipping.

I just installed my kit today and it went very smoothly! No lamp fault. I attached the ballasts to the underside of the oil cooler by bending the long tab on the included mount bracket. I zip-tied that end to the front subframe behind the side of the beak and ran another zip-tie through the bottom row of cooling fins.

Hmm, very tempting, guess I don't have an excuse now. Thanks for the tip!

Do you think they are blowing out old stock?

Guess it doesn't matter at that price.

If I'm not happy with them I'll just out them into my FF50's I have on order. And upgrade to 50W HID unit for the low beam.
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