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Ok Folks, I brewed a pot of coffee and headed out to the shed tonight. I couldn't wait until morning

The clamp was from my 2000 640 ADV and its a bit tight, but still fit around the steering tube. I used a flat blade screw driver to pry the clamp open a bit. As you can see, the tube that the bolt from the steering lock slides into is in the way. Looks like I can grind away most of the weld on top and a bit of tube to make it fit. Otherwise, its a go!

Another view of the clamp on post. It clears the "Faux" panel with ease.

I took the triple clamp right off to mount the clamp and mess with the clearances wihout all the junk in the way. Looks pretty sweet
I like this undermount much better than a lot I've seen over the years. You don't need the hands of a 14 year old to adjust on the fly and since my glove size is XXL, its a plus for me

Ahh..... the side view.... sweet still.... uh oh...... The little cap screw head sticks out just a bit to much for the short stepped arm and the clamp on post. A bit more grinding or another type of bolt will solve the problem.
Since its late, I didnt bother.

Here is a front view. The bolts lined up and the center of the damper shaft is centered on the steering tube shaft ( or whatever the f&*% you call it).
I guess I can measure, so I'll call Pete in the morning to let him know the damper worked. I did make a mistake on the bolt length, but its the same as the TE610, so no problem. I would personally grind the entire lock mechanism off and hit the spot with some touch up paint, but thats me.

The Bar height is very much improved for a long armed monkey like me with the Pastrana bars, but for the average guy, I bet the stock bars with this setup will be great.

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