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A little extra insurance

Good instructions, gave me the confidence to give it a go with a 19/17 converstion! I did develop a leak after a few weeks, and after dismounting the tire saw that the silicon was pushed straight through the paper dots and the threaded center of the spoke nipple. I stripped off all the old silicone and re-sealed as followed.

1. Filled the threaded end of the nipple with silicone, to eliminate an air space that the sealer can be forced down.There is enough residual lube on the threads that I don't feel it will interfere with the threads and any spoke tightening that becomes necessary.

2. I placed the paper dots on a piece of duct tape, then cut the duct tape and placed that over the nipple. Reason - the paper dots have bad glue and barely stick enough to stay flat - duct tape solves that, plus duct tape also may help with the "silicone push through" that I experienced.

3. Re-seal with silicone - easier ths time, as the dots/duct tape adhered much tighter.

4. I aso let it set several days, for the silicone to cure harder. I was anxious to ride, and a 24 hour cure time was likely too short - regardless of what the tube says. When removing the old silicone, it had hardened more than when I put the tires on the first time. .
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