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Jaybo- The collective needs to see the view from the front as well as a few more fairing photos of this trusty steed of yours.
I spent a fair bit of time over the Xmas and NY break working on the 640 for the Safari. Took a few photo's today and thought I'd share what I've been doing. Mainly it's been a matter of concentrating on the front end electrics to simplify things by removing or bypassing potential problems, replacing the switchgear with standard EXC stuff so I have a set of spares from my 450 EXC for the Safari, wiring in the navigation gear and replacing most connectors with waterproof Deutsch plugs and sockets. I also rewired the headlights so the low beam light stays on when you go to high beam. Stage 2 for the headlights will be HID's.

There has also been other work like installing the new MSC top triple clamp and underbar mount steering damper, fitting the sexy 690 Enduro vented front guard, fitting EXC front brake master cylinder and removing the rhs disk.

So ... fairing off:

Fairing on (Fairing will be replaced with carbon fibre one hopefully and be painted):

Closeup of the front rhs of the nose. The aluminium support bracket is all custom made that I bought from a previous Australian Safari competitor. It has developed two small cracks at a weak point so I will be removing it and beafing it up a bit there. Apart from that the design has stood up to the Safari on three bikes and several crashes:

Cockpit view. I've got some different (softer) Pro Grip hand grips to go on for the Safari. The EXC mirrors will be replaced with a foldaway plastic one for the Safari - these are just on for the roadtesting I've been doing. I've also got a billet aluminium throttle tube, a new Domino throttle housing and Venhill teflon lined throttle cables still to be fitted:

Clutch side switch blocks. Standard KTM Hardparts IMO remote buttons work the standard 640 IMO. The toggle switch below the hand grip is for scroling the roadbook forwards and backwards. The EXC switchblock is much nicer than the standard "roadbike like" 640 switch blocks and means I have a spare set with me during the Safari curtesy of my 450.

Throttle side switches. The start button from an RM 125 kill switch. The Touratech IMO remote button set used to increment and decrement the distances on the Rally IMO. The EXC front brake master cylinder is much smaller and less prone to damage than the "roadbike like" standard 640 Adventure one. With removing the rhs front disk and fitting the EXC brake line, it works great!

The MSC steering damper. I already had two dampers and have had good service from them so didn't want to change. This way I have a spare if needed curtesy of the 450. Both will be rebuilt (replace 'o' rings and re-oil)shortly before the Safari. The MSC Ralle kit allows me to retain the rubber mounted bars which I feel are needed on the 640 Adventure due to their reputation for shaking people to pieces! In hindsight, I would go with Hardparts EXC triple clamps with the Hardparts rubber bar mounts as used with the 690 Rally's. The MSC kit gives a useful 25 or so mm lift too. Another nice feature is that the ignition barrel mount is "demountable". I will "demount" it and will mount a toggle switch on the dash instead of an ignition barrel. Far less likely to cause problems and far easier to bypass and/or replace if it does have a problem.

So there you have it. I got a bunch of stuff from the courier the other day so can now lace up my new Xcell front rim, do the throttle tube and cable changes and mount decent off-road rubber with billet rim locks. Still to sort out is the suspension, pull down and rebuild the rear swingarm bushes, redo the seat with suede cover and flatter profile, and wire in a decent dust light. Finally I hope to have a major sponsor on board that will require a deep blue colour scheme.
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