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Just a heads up. I've got a Buell CityX to keep my DR company and I can tell you the light output of the Buell is poor. It's a common complaint with the XB series.

It may be an upgrade but you still may not be happy with the result as far as light is concerned. If you do decide to go with the Buell setup, you might think about adding HID to it(or at least budget for it).

Originally Posted by Zapp22
either one... what did the part cost?

I'm looking more and more at biting bullet and doing the full Buell double-light conversion. ... I'm not happy with my upgraded bulb in the stocker headlight, I'd like a grill/protector for the light/s, the Buell fairing looks fairly simple to extend, though it ain't very wide, is it?

but then, the Beemer fairing idea sure looks good.... if it works.
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