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my winter riding on the DR

Once I was crazy and went on a cross country trip in winter on my DR. I just went down to the local cycle store and bought the tallest (24"), cheapest, flat, handlebar mounted windscreen they had (think I paid 45$ for it and it may have been designed for a scooter) and bolted it up. It was wonderfull. I set it up so that the lower edge of it was just an inch in front of the little "number plate" above the headlight. That shot wind up the inside of the screen and reduced turbulance quite a bit (this came after experimentation). When I got to my destination I took it off in 5 min. When I got ready to ride home back on in 5 min. I never went on a long trip in that bike without it again. It was even a great wind noise reducer...ugly as hell...I loved it.
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