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But we can't talk about that here.

Okay, I wasn't going to post anything here about it but I'm thinking you guys might prod me to keep going and get it finished before spring arrives.

Basically I'm planning to do a complete motor overhaul on the bike, top and bottom ends. It's been burning oil like crazy since an incident last summer that saw it wallow and drown in a deep mud hole. I'm doing the whole motor because I'm not convinced the damage was limited to the top end. Plus, the bike had a history of a bad oil pump early in it's life during the PO's watch and only the big ends and oil pump were replaced (I've never trusted the bottom end), so I'm doing the whole enchilada.

I've got a good '77 R100S bottom end laying around that I was hoping to use to form the basis of the rebuild/replacement engine. (Anyone know why the '92 timing case shouldn't bolt right up to the '77 block?) This will of course, permit use of the '92's ignition trigger and the post '81-type Andrews cam I've got laying around saying "use me in a cool bike".

Main bearings in the block and main and big end journals on the '77 crank are in top shape and since I've already got the crank out of the block I'll probably have it dynamically balanced. If the '77 block presents "issues" I'll just replace the '92's main brgns and use it.

I've been using this '92 with a modded high compression 1050cc '77 RS top end for the last couple of years and it works quite nicely in the mid range with the stock '92 cam. I'm likely going to stick with that top end combination along with the addition of the Andrews cam which is a high lift short duration type (I'll dig up the numbers as I'm able, unless one of you have them handy?) which should further increase the midrange and top end urge.

Carburation is handled by a pair of modded '77 vintage 40mm Bings. No need to change those as they work well to provide good power, reliable service and reasonable economy.

The plan is to continue using this bike as before for all around riding chores from commuting to quiet evenings in the country to weekend sprints with the sporty-boys to extended camping/touring adventures. ie: It has to remain reliable and maintain it's useful extended fuel range. fwiw, since the high cr 1050cc top end transplant it's gently ridden range went from 550kms to 700kms from it's 35 liter tank. A 25% improvement in economy and power. I was pleased with that result.

I'll post pics of the disassmbly as it begins (in a good friend's heated garage!) in a few days.

D'I miss anything?
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