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Originally Posted by Charles Seguin

Looks like a helluva ride. Gonna do my own South America ride this fall so I'll be watching yer thread closely.
Hey Charles- if there's anything you want us to look out for, or tell you about, or just plain lie about, just ask.

Originally Posted by 2betterthan4

Hello Barbara and Bananaman!
Great pics so far, keep them coming! I'm a friend of Barbara's and got her first update email today. I found this thread and scrounged up my old advrider account so I could post. Happy Adventuring! Ian
Hey Ian- I'll tell Barb you're an inmate. Could you explain things to Gadget Boy?

Quick update: you gotta pay the Indians if you want to take their picture. I paid $10, which is ten pesos, which is about a dollar. But they wouldn't smile. I wouldn't either. That's because here, I'm a giant. Everyone knows GIANTS don't smile.

Getting this far in this many days has been a combination of quota riding and libre riding, meaning toll roads and free roads. Free roads mean battling with everything from dogs to goats to cars packed with way too many people and always there's someone with no brake lights practically stopped at the speed bumps. Most times we pass at the speed bumps, because we can take them at 10 to 20 mph, while trucks and buses and many cars practically stop. You see the most interesting things on the free roads but they're the most exhausting. On the toll roads we still have to do battle (BATTLE!) but at least there ain't no speed bumps. The downside is the cost and lack of sight-seeing opportunities. We must have spent at least US$100 on tolls. Just from Veracruz to San Cristobal de las Casas I think we each paid US$50. Sometimes it's super fun to ride the free roads, but other times we just want to get somewhere. Even the toll roads don't let us cover a ton of miles a day. I'd guess that covering a mile in Mexico is about twice as hard for me as a mile in the US. And the miles add up!

We're both getting more comfortable with the new-ness of this trip. Sorry I haven't had many good pics yet. Part of that is because of the weather, but part of it is from not being in a good comfort-zone. I haven't been able to do any type of riding since October, and Barb hadn't been on her KLR since summer. I'm still not in a rythm of knowing where all my stuff is stuffed in the cases and bags. I keep forgetting to re-stock my fake wallet. Taking the malaria pill in the morning isn't habit yet. But I'm starting to feel a groove coming on. Yep. Things are gonna start to flow, baby! Guatemala tomorow!

How far away to we have to be from The States to start saying "Back in the States..." I'm thinking we're almost there. How are things "back in the States?" We hear news but it's all so... "back in the States."

Like, Back in the States I can carry my laptop around and use any old hotspot I can hack into. Here I feel lucky to have found an internet cafe with a workable keyboard and reasonable download times.
I am Charlie.

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