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Day 3
We left Orbost heading to Melbourne.
Via Nowa Nowa, Bruthen it was very windy the bike was hard to keep in a straight line some of the gusts must have been around the 120 kph mark.

Then through to Bairnsdale, Meerlieu, Longford ,Gormandale.
This is where we got it wrong

We followed the GPS towards the grand ridge road. We had the GPS set on shortest distance. So we followed a logging track and after the pre Christmas Rains things got interesting.
There were a couple of easy creek crossings,

but as the track wound its way up hill it became harder and harder.

Stone had been laid, but the road surface was very slippery and having Pillion in a million on the back was a bit of a worry as we climbed the rear wheel was having a hard time tracking.
We had a small lie down it was slippery and as I put my foot out to try and steady things, I knew that the underlying surface was way too soft.
No harm to bike, Pig, Rider or pillion.

The pics unfortunately do no Justice.
Bacon was a little shook up so we gave him some time in the wild flowers

We joined the Grand ridge road near Balook.

We followed the ridge road accross the Strezelecki range until Mirboo North.

From there we went through to Trafalga then the highway to Melbourne to catch the ferry to Tassie.
Bacon had his own bunk on the Ferry

little bugger was so excited that he took a long time to settle.
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