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Clarifying my babble a bit.

I just re-read my post and I could have been a little clearer couldn't I? I haven't even had a drink yet! (Maybe that's the problem ).

he's telling me that the rim isnt "compatible" with the hub.
Mat, almost certainly it sounds like the standard hub on your 640 is "Jap indexed" (I know mine is) while the rim must be "Euro indexed". They are incompatible - see Woody's Wheel Works for the options.

Anyone here had success lacing an excel rim onto a LC4 rear cush drive hub?
I have a 2.5"x18" Excel black "double flagged" rim laced to the standard KTM 640A cush drive hub and so that's not an issue. You need the rim to be "Jap indexed" and drilled for the big KTM spokes/nipples, that's all.

Here's another solution for the front.
fasteddy, your solution doesn't cut it for my application I'm afraid. A 1.85" rim is not as good for the pounding my bike will take (setting it up for the Australian Safari) and the standard Dirtstar rims don't compare to Excels for competition use. Unfortunately Excels aren't available in black "Euro indexed" to suit the 640A spoke/nipple sizes. My option seems to be to buy a silver blank, have it drilled to "Euro indexed" and then have it anodised black. (Note that the 640A uses Euro indexing on the front wheel but Jap indexing on the rear).
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