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I had ordered up some white side panels to try and get the bike look a little more finished and to get it back to the Blue and White color scheme the old KTM's use to be.

I got them from here.

Great place to deal w/. They are actually fiberglass, not plastic like I had thought. My fault, I never asked, just assumed. Very well made. You have to trim all the holes to match the mounting locations, so it took some time.

Tools used-

Go slow, these remove a lot of material fast, and skin if you're not careful.

I bolted them on-

Then off to the painters. I'm still waiting to get some parts from KTM for another mod I have in the works, so I won't be getting them back until everything comes in for him to paint.

Tony does some great work.

Fuel pump change-

I had swapped pumps back at 20,000 miles to the Facet 40105. It gave me some grief, in that I had several flooded engines when I forgot to turn of the shutoff valve. I tried an in line shutoff solenoid, but that failed and left me for dead when it decided to not flow fuel anymore on the freeway. I ripped it off on the side of the road and continued on. Lesson learned. After testing by the OC and Krampus gave it a shot, I thought now would be a good time to swap to the Facet 40171 also.

I already had the plumping figured out from the previous Facet install so this was an easy swap.

I only have about 200 miles on it, so far so good.
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