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No problem, that's what ADVrider is all about. Sharing and helping.

This is the best pic I have right now.

I got setup w/ these map sets.
For the price I thought it was worth a shot and they helped out a ton when over in Spain over Christmas driving around. I'm going to load them in for Mexico too. Give them a look. Might help on your trip. I found most roads and city locations to be pretty close. Good enough for a reference anyways. There is no auto routing, but that's fine w/ me.

As for the cards, you can load several different types of maps on one card, but you need to load them all at once. You can them swap between them on the fly. It took me a bit to figure it out, but it works great. For example. You can be using city navigator to get you there, then when you get to the trails, you can hide the city nav. maps and bring up the TOPO maps, say your doing some fishing too, you can then hide the topos and bring up the Recreations lake maps. Pretty slick. 2GB holds a lot of info, but topo takes up a lot of space.

Night visibility is just fine, no complaints there. When you have it powered off the bike power it can run at full brightness w/o worring about battery life or you can dim it down. I normally just run it at full and have no issues. I'll try and add a pic of night use in the future. As for seeing stuff on the screen, if you can read the dash clock, you'll be able to read the GPS screen.

Originally Posted by Frgich
Thanks for fast info. I 'm considering Garmins 60 csx and the Zumo, but besides riding my Strom, I like to hike, trek and mountain bike. Only thing that bothers me is kinda small screen, and pure visibility.

But on the other side I like the ability to have 2-3 Micro sd cards and swap the maps very quickly(have plan's to visit Morocco this or next year).

You've mounted Yours behind the screen so it's at your eye height? How about visibility at night, does the screen iluminate enough?

I'm curently riding a 06 V-Strom, but dreaming of having 990 s
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